Messages from the Masters

I am currently reading “Messages from the Masters” by Brian Weiss.  This book is written by a psychologist who does regression work with clients.  He allows them to recall experiences of childhood, in the womb, or in previous lives.

This is pretty interesting to me.  The thought that you live multiple lives has always rang true to me.  The same soul being reborn over and over seems plausible and this book and others provides evidence to support that.

They talk about lessons that you learn during each lifetime.  If there are things you need to learn, or if there is karma that you need to make up for, your life is your opportunity to complete these tasks.

A life review seems scary to me – to see where you have hurt people or made a negative impact is pretty unpleasant.  I know there is no judgment and it is a learning experience but I would not like to see those instances where I hurt people played out before me.

I would love to go through this regression therapy and learn about previous lives and what my lessons this time around would be. If I had to guess, I would think learning to be less selfish and more helpful to others could be a definite possibility.  I do find that I have issues with being selfish or getting things that I want and not taking care of other responsibilities in my life.

For the last few years, I have really been into crafting.  I love crafting supplies which is a never ending supply of things.  How do I get myself to use that money for things we need instead of things I want?  I spend so much time worrying about what bills need to be paid and how I am going to juggle everything but easily spend money on a new crafting thing.  If I thought before hand about what I thought was important – another ink pad or paying bills so I didn’t have to worry.  It is hard to justify since it seems like what I spend wouldn’t make a dent in what needs to be paid but I know that is just an excuse.

So to tie this together – is there something in my past lives that have made me deal with this behavior in this life?  What could I have experienced or done in order to push me in this direction….