Hello world!

Maybe we will start with weight as that seems safest for now.  I am 44 years old and currently weigh 217 pounds.  I started on this leg of my weight loss journey about 6 months ago at which time I weighed 259 pounds.  There have been tons of struggles along the way – there was a month around the holidays where I didn’t really lose anything.

I started with giving up soda.  I had been drinking a ton of sugared soda and giving it up was hard but necessary.  I thought about switching to diet pop but really wanted to get rid of the crap I was putting into my body. I was now drinking mostly water, and a bit of juice.  I even chose not to drink crystal light and all those sorts of products as there are so many health scares with sugar substitutes and all the chemicals in those products.

A month or so later I began experimenting with organic products.  I wanted – still want to consume as many organic products as I can.  Have you seen the movie “Food” yikes, scary.  So, by eating quite a bit of organic food, focusing on whole grain products instead of enriched grains, mostly eliminating sugar and sugar equivalents I was able to drop quite a bit of weight.

After about 4 months, I found that the parameters I had set for myself with food began to expand.  I allowed a little sugar from time to time.  I would split a dessert with my partner.  I would have a little bit of white bread etc…  you can see where this was heading.  Did I mention that I love Ho Ho Mochas from Caribou Coffee?  They are so..not in my diet.  Fortunately, I didn’t gain weight at this time, I just wasn’t losing it either.

For the last couple weeks, I have been eating 6 small meals and going back to my original principals.  That seems to be helping me lose again.  A typical day is eating at 10 (fruit), 12 (whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese or salad greens with light dressing and veg), 2 (salmon or chicken with veg), 4 (nuts, raisins), 6 (soup or whole wheat pasta with chicken and veg), 8 (prunes or a little dark chocolate).  I am not usually hungry with this – I tend to stay at  a “3” on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being very hungry and 5 being stuffed.  This works well for me for now.

When I started I was exercising on the treadmill for 30 minutes nearly every day and sometimes twice a day.  During my slow down time the exercising became fewer and farther between.  I am just starting to make sure that is happening at least 5X a week again.

One of the things that tends to sabotage me is eating out.  It definitely sabotages my diet but also hits me financially.  We used to eat out once or twice a day which is ungodly expensive and no matter what you choose in a restaurant, it is a substantial amount of calories.  Plus, you almost never know truly how many calories you are getting.  The financial part of eating out is probably my number one struggle in life.  Managing money has been an issue for me since I had my first job.  I will get into that at a later date but that is something that will take hundreds of pages and dozens of psychologists to weed through.

But for today, weight loss is good.  As of today I am 217.4.  Part of attaining happiness, is being content in my body.  I am on my way.


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